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So as you may have noticed it has been seven months since I last made any icons, and over that time my style has changed greatly as well as my fandoms.  So for a new year I decided that it was time for a fresh start.  I hope that you will follow my new community and as always, your comments and feedback mean so much to me.

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Just a small update as I have been bitten by the Teen Wolf bug (see what I did there) and I wanted to make a few icons.  They are kinda random in the fact I used screencaps that were posted at thepicturepool and didn't really go looking anywhere else.  I plan to make more when the season is over and maybe for theiconquest - anyway, ramblings aside, hope you like the icons!

12 - teen wolf
06 - matt bomer
03 - sebastian stan
02 - jacqueline macinnes wood

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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So as promised, a more multifandom batch and my first set of icons for theiconquest - if you haven't signed up already I urge you to; its an amazing community and so much fun!  These are my icons for the first chapter, adventure.

13 - nikita (+cast)
05 - merlin
06 - moulin rogue

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000. requests faq

OK, so this is just a F.A.Q for anyone wanted to request something from macici

As a student on Livejournal I don't have a lot of money to buy extra icons/paid account, so I thought it would be a cool idea to offer my services as a graphic maker in exchange for some LJ Tokens :)

Below is a list of what I can offer in exchange for tokens*

05 Icons - 10 Tokens
10 Icons - 20 Tokens
15 Icons - 30 Tokens
20 Icons - 40 Tokens

Moodtheme (still) - 60 Tokens
Moodtheme (animated) - 100 Tokens

*I will do request posts for "free" at times also.